• Planning, procurement and management of ground investigations; factual and interpretative reporting; Geotechnical Baseline Reports
  • Rockmass classification and site characterisation using quantitative probabilistic methods
  • Route selection for linear projects; mapping, aerial photograph, LiDAR and satellite image interpretation.
  • Geohazard identification and mitigation; landslides, rockfalls, karst, liquefaction, mine subsidence.
  • Geotechnical analysis and design for tunnels, caverns and rock slopes; ground stabilisation and rock support system design; geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring.
  • Tunnel mapping; preparation of as-built drawings and records
  • Excavation method selection; blast design/optimisation; blast vibration monitoring and control.
  • Construction supervision for excavation, earthworks, drainage, tunnel linings and ground support systems
  • Preparation of specifications, bills of quantities and construction cost estimates.
  • Preparation and evaluation of expert reports for contractual and insurance claims related to ground conditions.

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